Things I Fancy

{Mel Made asymmetric flats, that were recently featured here.}

{Iced caramel lattes with whip cream… oooh… very naughty.}

{Convenient and best way to keep my jewelry organized when traveling.}

{two new favorite lipsticks: Giorgio Armani Rounge d’Armani & YSL Volupte Sheer Candy 3}

{I hate to admit it, but my life seems to depend on my phone.}

{My friend’s wedding tomorrow… yay!}

What’s your Fancy?



21 thoughts on “Things I Fancy

  1. I keep my jewelry in a case like that when I travel too but unfortunately I always want to carry way more jewelry than it can old. I need another. Love the flats, can’t believe you made it.

  2. I love that jewelry container thing! It’s brilliant. Definitely a great way to keep everything organized. And don’t worry, my life is thoroughly dependent on my phone too! ;)

    And weddings! Always so fun! I hope you have a wonderful time. It’s gonna be a special day. :) Congrats to your friend! x

  3. hey mel! love all your fancies here! yum ~ caramel lattes and whip, definitely naughty! and of course i love the asymmetrical mel-made leopard flats ~ so cool! hope your labor day week-end is fun-filled my friend! ;) and thanks for your comments as always!!
    xo ~ kristina

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