On the go


Photobucket Took the twins out for coffee. ;)


Hi guys!
How was your weekend?
Mine was fab.
Aside from having a really busy week last week, I am really enjoying and appreciating my weekends more. I have a very busy schedule ahead of me. i have a photo shoot to style. fun! start packing for my San Fran trip. then fly to New York …Aye ya yaye!
Oh, and before I go come check out my latest feature with Fashion Groupie here.
We’ll be back next week!

p.s. anyone else excited about this?




40 thoughts on “On the go

  1. Love the 3rd photo of the both of you! :) I foresee heaps of fashionable ideas coming up soon yes? Hee. And the twins are looking real beautiful too. ;)

    Have a sweet weekend, Mel! xx

  2. You ladies have gorgeous hair! Missoni for Target was crazy! I wrote a tale of my experiences on my blog…bought a lot, but am so excited to use and wear it! Cheers!

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