Mel Made Leather Knee-Patched Skinnies




Tramp tank: Crossroads, Mel Made knee-patch skinnies, Mel Made sparkly toe-cap pumps, Bally vintage bag: gifted, Necklace: c/o My Name Necklace, J. Lee ring, multi-bracelets

An early Fall ‘Mel Made’ made out of an old pair of boots.

Happy Mel Made Monday!



32 thoughts on “Mel Made Leather Knee-Patched Skinnies

  1. you are a genius mel! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this ~ so very creative of you! i hate wasting anything, especially a pair of leather boots. i like how you’re not actually wearing boots, but you can still get that “over the knee” look! i also LOVE the mel-made heels, i didn’t see those yet so i had to check’ em out ~ i thought those were chanel at first! i just may have to copycat you on those 😉 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  2. Oh wow you look so chiq with the leather knee patched skinnies! Is there anything you can’t DIY? Haha. You’re one really talented lady, Mel! x

  3. Your Mel Mades are ever so lovely & you’re getting so creative! The only thing better would be if you showed us the process behind your creations because I’d love to see how they’re done!

  4. Love this outfit!
    I love the top and the soft dangling ruffles on it ♥ And love the print.
    Love the bag, and nice idea of getting the leather from your shoes and putting them on your skinnies! 😀
    And the shoes go great with the outfit. 😀

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