H&M top, Aubrey shorts: thrifted at Crossroads Trading, Sam Edelman heels, Balenciaga handbag, Versace sunglasses, Mel Made leopard fringe necklace, Michael Kors watch, Jewel Mint ring




I’ve discovered a new obsession.
Yup, false eyelashes! They’re my new thing. I’m pretty much convinced now that lashes (along with blush) brightens up the face!

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46 thoughts on “Lashes

  1. Love the outfit Mel, shoes & shorts are fab! Crossroads certainly is a treasure trove…finally posted my studded DIY! Interest to hear what the queen of D.I.Ys (Mel Mades) thinks ;)

  2. I love the falsies on u! And u still look so fresh & so clean not overdone. I wish I knew how to put those on. But my eyes water & I began to twitch :( Lol.. It’s pretty sad! Just ask Lizette she gets mad @ me when she tries putting em on me. Haha

  3. Love the shorts, so cute, and goes well with your top!
    And yessss, LASHES ARE SOOO GREAT!! <dd
    Though I never tried false lashes, I want too, but the crazy fun ones :D lol
    And I love the 2n pic of you, really pretty :)

    And thanks for the awesome comment on my street style post! :D

  4. Those shoes are to die for, Mel! Love them! Also loving your DIY necklace with that outfit! I have a pair of false eyelashes to try, but I’m not sure if I can apply them correctly. Need to give it a shot sometime soon!

  5. You look GORGEOUS! I will definitely be giving the false eyelashes a try. This whole outfit is just fantastic, from the hair to the feet!
    Have a great day!

  6. I could never understand how people were able to glue those fake lashes – looks like a lot of work. The clumsy me will prolly get glue all over my eyes. : Haha. But they do look great on you! Am not a fan of fake lashes – there are some that are out of the world! But yours look really natural and I think that’s wonderful. You’re right, it really accentuates your looks. That’s a lovely new photo of you, btw! ;)

  7. Never tried falsies, but I’m always intrigued by them. Great look – love your self-made necklace and the shorts are fab too. Oh, and of course the bag, but I’m very partial to Balenciaga :)

  8. Oh hey there! You look FAB! I hate commenting late because everyone said what I wanted to. HAHA. LOVE the shorts. Such a great find. BUT everything looks amazing together. Your make up is beautiful. I LOVE fake eyelashes. They transform the face. :)

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