Mel Made hair bows

I made some hair bows for a friend’s daughter last week.


And I ended up making one for my niece as well. :)


How I made it:

* Cut desired length of ribbon
* Use a lighter to lightly burn the edges to avoid from fraying, then fold the ends (1/2 inch) and glue
* Fold the ribbon into the desired width back and forth until 2-5 layers (layering up to you)
* Pinch the middle, cut a small piece of ribbon and wrap that around the pinched area and glue
* Glue the clip on the back of the bow
* Then add flowers, beads, etc. of your choice


Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!


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24 thoughts on “Mel Made hair bows

  1. hello babe..I miss you..I miss reading your posts…I was away for a few days and I’ve been preoccupied with laziness hahahaha!!!

    I love these DIY..I have some extra bows here and two clips…you are really the master of bows…


  2. There are really sweet! Love the one with the black rose button. :) You make me feel so useless because I’m so bad (and lazy) at DIY-ing things! You go girl! x

  3. The bows are cute, loove the bows with the hearts and black flowers, very cute. :D

    I know @ “I’ll be your first blogger to draw!!” :D!!!
    Ok, I’ll let you know, If I can’t choose :)

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