The old fashion way

Nothing says personal, heartfelt, sincere, and important, like a message written in your handwriting.

So when I was tagged by the lovely Sara from Sara Tay and Samantha from This Fashionista to answer 8 handwritten questions, I thought it was a sweet idea.


Tagging three fabulous bloggers… the old fashion way!

Sweet from Pens and Lens

Nicole from Frankie Hearts Fashion

Ellie from City Brewed

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16 thoughts on “The old fashion way

  1. beautiful handwriting Mel…and thank you for tagging my dear….I will definitely do this asap…because I’ve been tagged by another blogger too :) hahahaha Oh MY!!! I am scared and shy to show my handwriting but will do…


  2. Gotta love your writing, Mel! :) SO happy you did it. :D It’s been a week but I still find this handwriting this really cool, haha.

    Have a lovely day! xx

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