Mel Made for CC

If you follow me on twitter, you’d know that last Friday I received a very special package filled with all sorts of DIY goodies from the lovely Carrie from Couture Carrie.

She even included this cute little card. So sweet!

So, I decided to not only thank her, but show my appreciation by making her some accessories.


How I made it:
* Wrapped fabric around the headband for comfort
* Gathered the striped ribbon to form a ruching style
* Added rubber grip on the interior


How I made it:
* Used pliers to create the length of the chain. (I decided to leave a few extra metal links)
* Cut strips of ribbon and lace (can be any length desired)
* Knotted them along the metal links (Idea came from Love Maegan)

Thank you so much Carrie, and hope you enjoy the Mel Mades!


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22 thoughts on “Mel Made for CC

  1. Awwww darling you are so sweet and talented!
    Thank you so much for the mention and for your creative and lovely gifts!
    I am especially smitten with the necklace ~ love lace!


  2. You are just so great at this! I try to put together a diy project and I end up with a box of clay and paints I’ll never use again (my latest stint at DIY projects).

  3. How fun! And again, you’re ace at DIY items. Both the headband and the necklace is just too sweet! Perfect for a little picnic, and definitely in time for spring! x

  4. What a sweet little package! Of course you created something amazing with it! I love the necklace. There’s a cool contrast between the lace, pink ribbon and chain that’s really lovely. It’s perfect for spring and summer! xo

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