DIY Bow Neck Tie

Image from The Man Repeller

This has got to be the most easiest and simple DIY I’ve yet to make. I love how simple and chic this is. No glue, no sewing needed, no mess! If you can tie your shoe, you can definitely make this.


P.S. please nominate Modanista Junkie for The Readers’ Choice Awards!! =)

25 thoughts on “DIY Bow Neck Tie

  1. Oh my!!! Can I make this??? Can you give me tips or any tutorials about this? I know I’m so lame in making this kind of DIY or call me lazy…but will try babe…this is so fun and with the striped top…I know already what to pair the bow with…

    Keep the DIY’s coming love…


    1. But of course Sweets!! I encourage everyone to try any of my DIYs. For the bow neck tie, all you need to do is wrap the ribbon around your neck, then make a knot at desired length, then make a bow just as if you would tie your shoe. :) Really simple and easy. Let me know if you need further assistance.


  2. Love this look! Definitely on my “to try” list :)
    And thanks for following me through Fashion blogs, hope you will stop by my blog every now and then and follow me there too!

  3. I did something similar recently but I pinned mine to my shirt. I love it your way though! I’m stealing it! LOL!!

    Oh and BTW you gave Aida the inspiration to go get the EXACT same dress (color and all) as me—the VERY NEXT DAY! How much, we show up somewhere both wearing it!!!

    So this weekend I definitely wanna find time to go play downtown. I have some stuff up in the air right now but I will hopefully know what my schedule looks like as we get closer to the weekend!

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